Scans at request

The Zeeuws Archief has implemented the service ‘scanning at request’. You can now request scans from archival documents. Below you can read more information about how to place a request and which steps you need to take to submit a request.

Submit request
Click on the icon with the CD-rom and follow the indicated steps. For each request you will have to pay € 15,00 plus € 2,50 transaction costs per order. If a document can and may be digitalized, you will be able to view and download the scans for free. Not all archival documents are eligible for a scan request (see below for more information). If this is the case with your request, we will not refund the money you’ve paid.

You are not required to register or login to submit a request. You do need to enter your name and an e-mail address so we can send you e-mail(s). You can submit another request for a scan of another archival document (click 'verder zoeken’) or you click on ‘versturen’ to submit your request.

If a document can and may be digitalized, the scans will be filed online by inventory number and made available in approximately 15 workdays. You will receive information about the progress of your request by e-mail, followed by an e-mail notification when all the scans are available on

‘Available in’ means that you can view and download the scans for free.

Background information

The expected delivery time of your scan request is approximately 15 workdays. It is, however, possible that the processing of your request takes a little longer than planned, unexpected situations may occur. This can happen, for instance, if the paper quality of the requested document is frail and this was previously unknown to us. When possible, the inventory item will then first be treated before scans can be made.
If processing your request will take longer than planned naturally we will inform you of this delay.

Not all archival documents are eligible for a scan request. The requested inventory items must meet the following criteria:

  • documents must be part of the core collection of the Zeeuws Archief;
  • documents must be at least 75 years old;
  • documents must be in good physical state;
  • the request must consist mainly of archival materials;
  • they must have been cleaned during inventory taking;
  • nor can they be excessive in size.

Explanation per criteria

Core collection
The desired document must belong to the core collection at the Zeeuws Archief. This means that is must be housed at the Zeeuws Archief for a significant amount of time, so the investment of digitizing the items is also advantageous for us. Locally formed archives and temporarily stored collections due to the lack of a municipal archive, for instance, cannot be considered. Documents that have been previously selected via other processes are not eligible for a request; usually this is project related digitalization.

At least 75 years old
In maintaining a document age limit of 75 years, potential copyright infringement is prevented. Inventory items are also excluded for which the privacy is restricted or limited by the Data Protection Act and may not be viewed without additional provisions. For instance student records from high school.

Archival materials and size of inventory number
Records consisting mostly of printed matter are excluded, as are records that deliberately or necessarily lead to packaging in thick units during inventory.

Scanning at request

For all inventory items with a 'scannen op verzoek’ (=scanning at request) button, it specifically remains a request. The inventory items have been selected previously based on the above criteria; after your request the inventory item will be reviewed more closely. It is possible your request cannot be processed if unexpected circumstances come to light during this inspection. You will be informed of this during the process.
In most cases a decline for a request for scanning does not imply that viewing the inventory item is impossible. If no Data Protection restrictions are in place and the material is in good condition, the original document can be reviewed in our study area.

Scans already available?

If you have found an inventory item on our website or in that you would like a scan of, you should first check if this inventory item already has available scans. On the initial page before you log in you can see if and how many scans are already added, as it will have the text added: ‘xx digitalized’ or in Dutch ‘xx gedigitaliseerd’. Once you have logged in a grey plus or bullet indicates if a scan is already available.
If there are scans available, you can view and download them for free.
beschrijving When there are no scans available for an inventory item, but you see this icon next to the inventory item, you can click this button to submit a request to digitalize the inventory item.

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